Alfa Romeo 149

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta,(Type 940) is a small family car produced by Italian automaker Alfa Romeo and also the replacement for the Alfa Romeo 147. Giulietta production started towards the end of 2009 and was introduced at the March 2010 Geneva Motor Show. In a viability plan forwarded to the US Government in February 2009, Chrysler (a partner of Alfa Romeo parent company Fiat) reported that the 147 replacement would come to market as the Milano and that it could be built in the USA. However, as of early 2010 Fiat was instead planning to concentrate on bringing larger models to the US, such as the Giulia. The Giulietta came in second place in the 2011 European Car of the Year awards. The 2010 Giulietta is available only as a 5-door hatchback. The Giulietta got its Italian dealer presentation on 22 and 23 May 2010. The Giulietta advertising campaign is made with Hollywood actress Uma Thurman. The end of the advert features the car’s mottos – ‘I am Giulietta, and I am such stuff as dreams are made on’ and ‘Without heart, we would be mere machines’.


The platform used is Fiat Group’s Compact also called as “C-Evo” during the planning stage. Practically this is an all new platform. Fiat Group used around 100 million euros to re-engineer the C-platform, previously used for the Fiat Stilo, Fiat Bravo and Lancia Delta, into C-Evo, it has a longer wheelbase, shorter overhangs and an advanced new type of MacPherson strut front suspension and multi-link rear suspension. Depending on the market and trim level, 16, 17, or 18 inch wheels are available. Available tire sizes are 205/55 R16, 225/45 R17, and 225/40 R18. The wheels use a 5-hole pattern with a 110 mm bolt circle. The length of the Giulietta is around 4.3 metres (14 ft), which is similar to the Alfa Romeo 156. Only a five-door body is available for sale.


Quadrifoglio Verde (2010-) The top of the range model is a version with 1.75 L (1,742 cc) turbocharged TBi engine rated 235 PS (173 kW; 232 hp), lowered ride height (15 mm at the front and 10 mm at the rear), 17-inch wheels (18-inch optional), an enhanced braking system with calipers painted Alfa red, sporty leather and microfibre seats. 1750 is an engine size which has its roots in Alfa Romeo’s history, with 1.75 L engines being used to power some of Alfa Romeo’s first cars. UK version is sold as Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cloverleaf. GTS Q2 The GTS Q2 is a version of Hong Koing market version GT Q2 with Sport Package. It includes the engine from 1.4 L TB MultiAir TCT, 6-speed TCT transmission. 120 HP 1.4 LPG Turbo (2011-) It is a version using LPG and petrol fuel types. It includes Euro 5-compliant 1.4-litre turbo engine rated 120 PS (88 kW; 118 hp) at 5000 rpm and 206 N·m (152 lb·ft) at 1750 rpm, three different trim levels (Giulietta, Progression and Distinctive) for all European markets, 38-litre toroid type (ring-shaped) LPG tank at spare wheel housing, 6-speed manual transmission. The LPG version was unveiled in 2011 Bologna Motor Show.


The range of engines includes the new 1.4 L T-Jet petrol and M-jet diesel family, all turbocharged. A six-speed manual and Dual Dry Clutch Transmission TCT (Twin Clutch Transmission) introduced at the 2010 Paris International Motor Show, will be choice gearboxes for customers. Fitted to the 1.4 MultiAir petrol and 2.0 MultiJet diesel, this compact six-speed gearbox reduces the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of both engines compared to the manual versions. The diesel drops to 119 g/km, while the petrol is reduced to 121 g/km, giving the latter best-in-class emissions and power output in its class for a petrol engine. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta uses a new engine which utilizes a system known as Multiair. The system controls the amount of air going into the engine by controlling when air is allowed into the engine and how much the inlet valve opens. The system works by inserting a “tappet” between the cam shaft and the valve and the engine management system can control the amount of oil that is allowed into the “tappet” thus changing the effective opening profile of the inlet valve. The system can also change the overlap of the inlet and exhaust valves as well as changing the amount of lift and this allows the engine to maintain a steady pressure in the inlet manifold which is used to increase the amount of torque the engine produces while maintaining the efficiency of the engine. The system is said to increase torque by 20% while reducing emissions by a similar amount. All engines except the 1750 TBi have a Start&Stop system and all are Euro5 rated. The top of the range model has 1.7 L turbocharged engine the 1750 TBi – 235 PS (173 kW; 232 hp) with an exclusive Quadrifoglio Verde configuration (called Cloverleaf in the UK). At the 2011 Bologna Motor Show an LPG version of the Giulietta was unveiled.

Alfa Romeo 149
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